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Specialty Lifts

Eletech installs specialty lifts all over the country. We provide residential elevators and stairlifts to homes all over the Midwest. We install platform lifts, dumbwaiters and other types of lifts in the application the products are best suited for. We also install Alamak products in factory settings, as well as materials lifts when needed. There isn’t a lift a that Eletech cannot install. Below are some of the lifts that Eletech might use in your application.

PFlow – For a durable, high quality material lift in a factory, warehouse or other area that needs a heavy duty lift, Eletech installs PFlow material lifts.
Savaria – Concord – For incline wheelchair lifts and vertical platform lifts, Eletech will install a quality unit in your home or commercial property that will hold up over the years.Savaria – Concord B.07 Stairlift – When you don’t have room for an elevator, but you need to get up a set of stairs, Eletech can install a stairlift in a short period of time and give you access to your entire home.