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Regardless of the issues that your equipment faces, Eletech is able to assist you with your upgrade or repair. One of the reasons that building tenants do not renew their lease is due to dissatisfaction with the elevators in their building. Elevators are the pulse of your building and without them running efficiently and reliably, your tenants and customers face a huge inconvenience. Eletech can offer you a modernization of your elevator equipment that will prevent this from becoming an issue for you. We will work with you to minimize down time while enhancing your equipment to be the best that it can be. We want to exceed your expectations and deliver vertical transportation equipment that is second to none.

It does not matter who manufactured your equipment, Eletech can upgrade or repair it.

There are many levels of modernizations. Eletech can help you determine what is right for you.  At the end of a project, your elevators will run more efficiently, reliably and offer a smooth and comfortable ride. A modernization typically will reduce your building operating costs due to the new technology that Eletech offers.

Modernize with Eletech

Eletech is THE Machine & Motor company! We have over 300 years of combined elevator experience. We are constantly examining what we do in order to determine if we can do it better.

Troublefree operation is what building owners need and expect and that is what Eletech provides. When you modernize your elevator equipment, you expect certain benefits from that modernization. Eletech will not only meet your expectations, but exceed them.

Key parts to a modernization:

  • Controller
  • Machine & Motor
  • Fixtures
  • Door Equipment
  • Cab Interior
  • Power Unit/Jack (Hydraulic)
  • Hoistway Equipment