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Eletech will modernize, repair or install a brand new elevator in your building using only the best made products so that your elevator will last for many years to come. Below is a list of many of the products that we use in order to give you a quality installation. All of our equipment is non-proprietary and well-known in the elevator industry as a superior product.

ecr-web-logo_small For the most innovative and easy to assemble cab interiors, Eletech uses Elevator Cab Renovations to bring a modern, sophisticated look to your elevators that will stand the test of time.
Elevator Controls – For a cost effective controller, Eletech will install the EC controller on your elevator.
GAL Manufacturing – For unbeatable quality and ease of installation, Eletech will install door operator equipment on your elevator that will improve the speed and smoothness of your elevator doors.
H&B Inc. – For a complete new cab, entrances and doors, Eletech will install a durable, long lasting product for your elevator that you will be proud to display.
Hollister Whitney – For many safety products and items typically unseen on your elevator, Eletech installs the best quality products to keep your elevator running safely and reliably.
Innovation Industries Inc. – Eletech offers a wide variety of options for push buttons in your elevator. The quality of our fixtures are unmatched in the elevator industry. We use the Universal, Security, Decorator, Bruiser, Prestige, Pinnacle and NEMA rated fixtures in our elevators.
MCE Motion 2000 Hydraulic Control – For a non-proprietary hydraulic controller Eletech installs many Motion 2000 controllers.MCE Freedom Elevator Packages – To have a new elevator installed in your building that will not lock you into one company for the rest of your life, let Eletech install the MCE Freedom elevator in your property. Whether you are looking for an MRL application or standard overhead or basement traction option, Eletech can provide you with what you are looking for.MCE Motion 4000 Traction Control – Eletech can update your traction elevator with non-proprietary controls that will be reliable, Code Compliant and cost effective.
MEI Submersible Power Units – For quick turn around and a quality product, Eletech will install an MEI power unit on your hydraulic elevator. The MEI power unit has a quiet, compact design that will improve the ride of your elevator as well as the cleanliness and space of your machine room.MEI Dry/Belt-Driven Power Units – Each dry power unit is made for heavy duty loads and usage. Eletech will install a dry power unit to improve the performance of your hydraulic elevator.MEI Oil Cooler – To avoid hot oil problems like nuisance shutdowns, leveling problems and oil odor, let Eletech install an oil cooler on your hydraulic unit.
Vertitron Midwest, Inc. Programmable Hydraulic Elevator Controller – To update your system for a more reliable, safe, Code compliant, non-proprietary elevator, let Eletech install a new PHC on your hydraulic elevator.